Science of Spirituality
Kansas City, Kansas
Archived Events- 2007

31st Dec :             SOS New Year Celebration.
9th Nov:                Diwali Satsang and Potluck.

27th Oct:               Meditation Retreat
13th & 20th Oct:     Meditation Classes.
28th Sept:              Baby Shower & First Satsang by Children.

22nd Sept:            SOS Booth at Anand Mela in Hindu Temple. Link to Pictures

16th Sept:             Jeevan Me Sukh or Moksh Ki Prapti.
                            Talk by Mr. Akhand at Hindu Temple.

                            Link to pictures

11/12 Aug:            Veggie Fest at Naperville Chicago
12th Aug:              Intiation Programme in Chicago.

28th July:             SOS Children Camp.
Link to pictures

27th July:              Meditation Retreat
22nd June:            Meditation Retreat.
2nd & 9th June:     Meditation Classes.

12th May:             SOS Booth at South Asian Bazar.
28th April:             SOS Picnic. Link to pictures

1st April:              Mr. Satpal Garg-Talk at Temple during Akhand Ramayan Path.
24th Feb:             Need of Guru or Spiritual Leader - Talk at Blue Valley Library.
3rd Feb:               Meditation Classes.

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Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj