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Kansas City, Kansas
"Love is contagious. Be a carrier. "

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj


Recent Events

2nd May:        Secrets of Communication - Workshop by Phil Vedova
                       Talk Flyer

1st May:          Kansas - SOS Children Camp.
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24th Apr:         Meditation Retreat
27th Mar:         Meditation Retreat
27th Feb:         Meditation Retreat
30th Jan:          Meditation Retreat

1st Jan:            New Year Retreat

21st Nov:             SOS Booth - South Asian Bazar

Speaker-Pat Ambrosic
  4th Oct:               Talk on Receptivity.

                            Speaker- Dr. Andrew Vidich
19th Sept:            Breaking the Spritual Drought: Finding Lasting Joy & Peace in
                            Challenging  Times. Talk Flyer
Performace - TAMIR
19th Sept:             Soul of Love: A poetic expression by TAMIR. Talk Flyer
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12th Sept:             SOS Booth - Hindu Temple Anand Mela
29-30 Aug:            SOS Booth - Body & Soul Fair
Speakers at the camping Retreat- 2 workshops each.
                                English - Harold Berjhon
                                Children - Susan Gallagher
                                Spanish - Raul Hernandez

21-23 Aug:             2nd Annual SOS Kansas Camping Retreat
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Speaker-Mr. Amarnath Akhand.
26th July:              Jeevan main Sukh aur Prabhu Prapti. Talk Flyer
25th July:              Meditation-The Way to Eternal Bliss. Talk Flyer
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Speaker-Pat Ambrosic
30th May:               Setting the stage for Meditation. Pat Ambrosic's Talk Flyer

23rd May:               New Initiates Orientation Class
9th & 16th May:      Meditation Classes
9th May:                 New Initiates Orientation Class

H.H Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
in Kansas City, April 17-19, 2009     

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                             Speaker: Dr. Matthew Raider, MD. (Geriatric Specialist)
22nd March:            Meditation: Your Total Health Presciption. Talk Flyer
21st March:             Meditation and Healing. Talk Flyer
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                            Speaker: Ravi Kohli
8th March:               Neshkam Seva Dawar Prabhu Prapti. Satsang In Hindi Flyer
7th March:               Understanding Karma & Meditation. Ravi Kohli's Talk Flyer
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