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Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Kansas City
Featured Artist for September 2009
Saturday Sept 19
, 2009 7.30 – 8:30PM
Venue: HTCC Fellowship Hall (Basement)
6330 Lackman Road, Shawnee, KS 66217
Performer: TAMIR
Soul of Love: A poetic expression by TAMIR.
TAMIR is an actress, poet and playwright, author and performer of one-woman shows,
“In the Land of Israel” and “I Belong Elsewhere.”
Her CD of devotional readings “Poetry on Prayer” is an interfaith celebration of the
human spirit, comprising of poetry from around the world, celebrating the unifying theme
of prayer. It brings to life onstage great literature that grew out of the common experience
and yearning for that which always IS. It includes poetry by Krishnamurthi, Kabir,
Octavio Paz, Tagore, Gary Synder, Emily Dickinson, Ritsos, Zelda, Haiku, Darshan
Singh, Czeslaw Milosz and more.
Her new play “Next!” is a humorous and poignant monodrama about the audition
process. She also wrote “The Way of the Heart” as a play for four women about dying
consciously and the struggle of letting go, which incorporates some of these verses,
stories and music as well as dance and whirling.
TAMIR will be performing on "Soul of Love". "Soul of Love" is sacred poetry of
master poet Sant Darshan Singh. Anjan Madhwesh will be accompanying TAMIR with
background music.
For more information please contact:
Puneet: 913-963-9192 or
Or visit