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                                    Upcoming Events

                                  6th Annual Children Camp
                                                 FREE Event
                                        May 4th, 2013(Saturday)
                                                          Time: 10AM
                                               Hindu Temple of Kansas City
                                        6330 Lackman Road, Shawnee, KS 66217

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                                                              Limited Seats
                                               For pre-registration/information Contact:
                                                 913-706-2692 or

At Camp, kids can be scientists finding the next big cure, or a painter at an art gallery. They can explore their creativity. The possibilities are endless. Kids have the opportunity to explore nature, find new talents, try new activities, gain independence, and make lasting friendships and memories. Children will learn teamwork, cooperation and other social skills as they exercise their muscles playing fun indoor games.

Science of Spirituality’s 6th Annual Children Camp is a FREE one-day indoor camp
4th May 2013(Saturday) from 10.00AM to 4PM.

It is open to children of ages 5 to 15 and from all religions and cultural backgrounds. This camp 
allows children to explore the nature of human being as a spirit/soul. It helps children improve
Physical, Mental and Emotional well being through Meditation. The camp helps children build a
foundation for living an ethical life. Children discuss the importance of living an honest and
nonviolent life.

All this packed in a fun filled interesting day, with drawing/coloring/games and much more!!
The camp includes Meditation, workshops for children, yoga, indoor games, music and pizza.

Dr. Richard Seader is conducting the workshops for Children.
Dr. Richard Seader has been practicing meditation based on Science of Spirituality, and giving workshops for 43 years.He is a retired Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who is currently living in North Carolina. Many people around the world have benefited from his workshops which are noted for the practical techniques he shares that helps individuals have a more focused, peaceful and stress free life. Currently several of his techniques have been incorporated into courses given at Germanna College in Virginia and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Yoga is being taught by Sadhana Ji and Ajay Bisary Ji. They have extensive knowledge of yoga,
and make it fun and beneficial for the kids.

Limited seats. For pre-registration contact Aabha: 913-706-2692
or email:


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